Hello there!

I'm Spencer Vadnais, and this is my website! I host this site myself and wrote most of, if not all, the code on it (there were a few CSS rules I saw elsewhere I took heavy inspiration from). This site runs on a combination of JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and PHP. I designed this site to be a sort of "expansion" on what I have written in my resume. This way, I can showcase or talk more about my skills and experiences in a way I wouldn't normally be able to in person or via a programming test. I also use this web framework to host a variety of other personal files, but they are kept separate from the professional section and will eventually be hosted under a separate domain.

The Home Page

I designed this page to be fairly modular and malleable. Most of the content is controlled via the navigation menu on the left. If you want to know more about how it works, there are more details in the 'This Site' entry. Which is loaded by default.